Is Japanese knotweed, stopping your sale?

Gardens are a key asset to any property, but sometimes they house unwanted residents – Japanese knotweed.  The presence of this plant can:-

  • Reduce the area of garden you can enjoy
  • Cause problems when selling your home
  • Depress the comparative value of your property
  • Lose a Sale

PBA Solutions, your local Japanese knotweed management company are able to confront these issues and provide a solution to manage or completely remove the Japanese knotweed from  your property.

The real burden Japanese knotweed presents homeowners is through ground contamination. The rhizome which is highly invasive, rapidly impacts large volumes of soil. The best solution is excavation as this permanently removes the problem and is the best option if you are looking to build on Japanese knotweed impacted land.

Alternatively herbicide control, while requiring a longer time frame, is more economical. Herbicide treatment can effectively stop Japanese knotweed growth and within 2-3 years get the infestation into abeyance. We offer either a Pay-as-you-Go option, or if you are selling, a Mortgage Compliant Management Plan and 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee. This is best suited to the homeowner who wants to take care of their most valuable asset.

PBA Solutions have assisted local developers in the excavation of Japanese knotweed in Sandbanks, Poole and Bournemouth. We have also supported many local homeowners to manage their Japanese knotweed infestation, enabling them to sell their property. We can even assist where mortgages against such properties have been a problem.

So if you have a problem with Japanese knotweed, PBA have the Solution.

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