Agreement Smiley

Agreement Smiley: The Power of Positive Feedback

In our increasingly digital age, communication is often reduced to quick messages and emoticons. While some may argue that this diminishes the quality of our interactions, others see it as an opportunity to express ourselves in new ways. One such expression is the agreement smiley, a simple but effective way to show agreement and positive feedback in online conversations.

What is an Agreement Smiley?

An agreement smiley is a combination of punctuation marks and characters that form a smiley face. It may include a colon, hyphen, underscore, or other symbols to represent the eyes, nose, and mouth of the smiley. The most common agreement smileys include the colon and parenthesis, commonly known as the “smiley face” or “happy face” emoticon.

Why Use an Agreement Smiley?

Agreement smileys are a quick and easy way to show positive feedback in online conversations. They can be used to acknowledge a good idea, show support for a colleague, or simply express agreement with a statement. In addition to conveying positive emotions, agreement smileys can help to build rapport and establish a more friendly tone in online communication.

How to Use an Agreement Smiley Effectively

While agreement smileys can be a great tool for positive feedback, they should be used strategically. Overuse of agreement smileys can dilute their impact and come across as insincere or unprofessional. Here are some tips for using agreement smileys effectively:

1. Use them sparingly. Only use an agreement smiley when you genuinely feel positive or supportive about what is being discussed.

2. Use them to build rapport. When you`re communicating with someone you don`t know well, an agreement smiley can help establish a friendly tone and build rapport.

3. Use them in moderation. Don`t use too many agreement smileys in a single message, as this can dilute their impact and make them seem less sincere.

4. Use them to end on a positive note. Conclude a conversation or message with an agreement smiley to leave the other person with a positive impression.


Agreement smileys can be a powerful tool for positive feedback and building rapport in online communication. When used effectively, they can help to establish a friendly tone, acknowledge good ideas, and leave a positive impression. However, it`s important to use them strategically and in moderation to avoid diluting their impact. So, the next time you`re communicating online, consider adding an agreement smiley to show your support and positivity!