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Steve Webber, Director of Maidmans Moving & Storage in Poole, has many years’ experience in the moving and storage industry.

Recently Steve was asked, “What should I consider when choosing storage?”

Steve replied: “Make sure storage meets your needs, otherwise you could end up with something that is unsuitable or not cost effective. The two types of storage to consider are containerised storage and self-storage.

“Containerised storage is often cheaper, but you must weigh this up against a lack of access to your belongings.”

Steve added, “consider the following points before choosing storage:

  • Location – For regular access to stored belongings, using a facility 50-miles away makes little sense. However if you will not need access, you may save money using containerised storage outside of your immediate location.
  • Access – Not every self-storage facility is open 24 hours a day, but for most people normal weekday access or access on demand will suffice.
  • Facilities – Security is paramount, including lockable access and cameras.
  • Consider fire protection and insurance.
  • Lastly, don’t underestimate good customer service, Maidmans, storage solutions are rated as highly by clients as the moving side of our business.”

Maidmans have local storage facilities and access to a network of 17 storage facilities across the UK.

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