All your questions answered about Equity Release…

Planit Mortgages are mortgage brokers advising and helping clients get the best deals to suit
their circumstances. Based in our high street office in West Moors, Ferndown, we advise on residential mortgages, re-mortgages, buy to lets, commercial loans and equity release.

If you think a tax-free lump some could turn your life around, there are plenty of good equity release plans to choose from. But how do you find the best plan for your needs? …and who answers your questions along the way?

Talk to us…
Financial experts always recommend you seeking independent advice on big decisions. Planit Mortgages have helped a lot of people find out if equity release is for them.

Our qualified advisers come to your home for an initial, no-obligation consultation. The adviser will go through your current situation and future plans to see if equity release meets your current needs.

Your personal  adviser

  • Your adviser will look at the ‘whole-of-market’ to find the most suitable plan. Plans vary, so this independent ‘whole-of-market’ approach is important.
  • You will get a personal case handler to guide you through the process
  • You will have the chance to live better and stay in the home you love – for life

Help with:

  • Home improvements
  • Paying off your mortgage.
  • Giving to the family
  • Paying for your dream holidays
  • Moving home

How will it affect me?

Equity release will reduce the value of your estate and may effect your entitlement to means-tested benefits. The cash released from your home can be spent however
you like.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Am I eligible?
    Yes if you are aged 55-95 and own a property worth at least £70,000, which is your main residence,
  • Will I still own my own home?
    Yes – with a lifetime mortgage attached.
  • How much can I release?
    You can release any amount between £10,000 – £100,000 or more (subject to criteria)
  • Will I make monthly repayments with a lifetime mortgage?
    Products are available that can be tailored to suit your needs.

If you would like to find out more information about how you can benefit from Equity Release please get in touch with one of our qualified advisers today on 01202 233660 or email

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