Set in Stone

The New Era of Local Worktop Experts

In the ever-evolving world of local trade, there is something timeless about a family business that seamlessly passes the torch from one generation to the next. At the helm of this legacy is James Griffiths, the new company director steering the ship of Portman Stone into a new era of excellence. With his younger sister Lydia Griffiths at his side, they are motivated to lead Portman Stone in the evolving world of stone.

Founded by his father, Stephen Griffiths, Portman Stone has become one of the leading worktop specialists of quartz and natural granite in The South of England. What first started as a fireplace business, Stephen decided to take the leap and dive into the world of worktops back in 2007. Due to the natural turndown in demand for fuel-burning fireplaces, Portman Stone continued to use the machinery to manufacture stone worktops. From making some of the most bespoke limestone and marble fireplaces to luxurious stone worktops, Stephen used his knowledge and passion for the stone industry to transition to the next chapter.

Portman Stone has gained a strong reputation over the years. They have worked on large commercial projects such as cruise ships like The Queen Mary, yachts, Heathrow Terminal 2 bars, national gyms, and hotels, and more recently, a large project featured on Channel 4’s Extraordinary Extensions hosted by the famous UK music artist Tinie Tempah.

The company provides a free quotation service for any customer, no matter how large or small a job is. By offering a short 7-to-10-day turnaround time from templating to fitting, Portman Stone makes this hard to match by any other national supplier. Their friendly and professional employees will advise on types of stone, colours, and sizes, depending on your project. Moreover, they will be happy to help with aftercare advice after the installation process.

Portman Stone works with some of the most popular suppliers, such as Cosentino, Levantina, and Sergio, to ensure every customer finds the perfect stone. The showroom and factory are in Christchurch, where you will discover hundreds of stone slabs, sinks, taps, and accessories. They keep up to date on the latest trends in the market to ensure you will be choosing from some of the most stylish designs and stones.

Enquire about their worktop replacement service that will remove and dispose of your old worktops and install your new stone worktops the same day. They also work with other kitchen replacement companies like NewDoor to complete the transformations. This efficient and hassle-free service will transform your kitchen without the hefty price tag usually attached.

“Sustainability is the key to future business operations. We cannot continue the way we are without facing serious environmental consequences.”

Sustainability Talks:A New Way Forward

Portman Stone is becoming more environmentally conscious due to the constant battle with climate change and the push towards a more sustainable future within society. Their commitment to bulk buying directly from the source in many different countries and manufacturing on your doorstep has become one of the reasons for their success, with the additional benefit of cutting out a lot of travelling and pollution.

From a consumer perspective, it is difficult sometimes to understand where your stone is coming from. The worktop journey for many larger companies consists of diesel vans and trucks collecting these slabs from warehouses hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Portman Stone buys their slabs in bulk to help reduce the CO2 emissions caused by this transportation.

Keeping things local, Portman Stone works with many kitchen companies like Classic Kitchens Direct and Poole Hill Kitchens in Dorset to help reduce environmental impacts.

Portman Stone aims to become a role model in sustainable practices by engaging in CO2 reduction efforts, reducing waste, recycling water, and providing more sustainable worktop options such as recycled glass. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration, the company is ready to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing sustainability issues in the business world.

These efforts will help keep Portman Stone at the top of its game and chart a course toward a more sustainable and responsible future. In doing so, they will inspire their customers to join this journey towards a greener and more ethical business landscape.

Portman Stone prides itself on having the best customer service on the South Coast. Their dedicated team ensures that their customers receive the highest levels of craftsmanship at the best price possible. Their values guarantee to continue from the most specialist jobs to beautiful budget kitchens. If you’re looking for new worktops on the South Coast with exceptional customer service, get in touch today.

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