Reviewed: Thirteen

A small family-run restaurant that brings together exquisite contemporary British cuisine and great service.

Feeling absolutely thrilled to be doing this review. For years my best friends and I have been surfing the coast, in and and out of restaurants tasting the divine food that is on offer. I have a real appreciation for good quality locally sourced produce.

A self-confessed foodie, a great home cook for my little family, a lover of reading menus and cookbooks! Sad I know, but it’s just a love of mine by the fire with a glass of red on a rainy day; there’s nothing quite like it.

This review wouldn’t be complete without my wing girl Gemma Stallion who has accompanied me on many a food review.

As we enter Thirteen, to be only be let in by door bell – it already has started to make you feel very special. It is very exclusive, which heightens the curiosity of this elegant restaurant.

Welcomed by the incredible family team who create their menu to suit the seasonal sourced produce they earth. You can also take part in an experience of wine pairing, where they carefully select options to compliment each course.

This restaurant is pure class, it is stunning and clean cut with beautiful wood enveloping around the kitchen for the chefs table. From here you can watch the chefs in their zone and see the incredible magic happen in front of your eyes, making you feel a part of the experience.  Alex and his team are vulnerable and open to you, and that is just what Alex (pictured left) loves, the personal interaction with his customers makes this restaurant extremely personal and super friendly.

Feeling extremely excited to be sat at the chefs table anticipating what is to come with our 13-course tasting menu, let the dance commence!

Cavolo Nero, chive flower
What a beautiful stunning, crisp and fresh taste to this cavolo.  A gorgeous appetiser to get your taste buds energised.  It holds that dark crips taste on the cavolo but the chive flower lifts its soul. It is
simply stunning.

Cheese, marmite
Wow, I literally need you all to try this.  A delicate choux bun with a gentle hint of marmite filled with cheese with parmesan on top. It’s literally dancing in my mouth.  At this point I would be happy with more of that!

Chanterelle, oyster
What a gorgeous course, a beautiful parcel that incases an array of different fresh mushrooms with a baklava crops pastry strip sitting on top.  I have nothing negative to say, I’m in heaven.

The secret course
A gorgeous cheese from Cranborne in between fresh crackers with slices of truffle in, this dish did not disappoint.

Sourdough, seabeet
Stunning light Japanese mini milk loaf with seat beet butter. A lovely twist on bread
and butter.

Squash, beetroot
This exotic bright flamboyant dish is incredible. Beautiful silky smooth squash with a gorgeous tortellini parcel stuffed with cheese, sprinkled with spinach powder. You get these sweet, beautiful textures with the tortellini and then the cheese smacks you in the mouth, I love this dish.

Plaice, charcoal
One sexy looking plate of food, silky smooth beurre blanc enriched with charcoal to give this dish a fluid black undertone that just feels so stunning in the mouth.  This dish is beautiful, clean, perfectly cooked with those popping tones of salt bursting in your mouth from the lovely Arenkha.

Chicken, truffle
A lovely dish served to you in a cloche.  Alex revealed the chicken, truffle to release the smoke which had gorgeously kissed the chicken and the delicately pickled carrots and Shimeji.  Served with an accompaniment of chicken broth.

Celeriac, miso
Salt baked celeriac glazed with a honey miso, pureed celeriac and shredded celeriac with a Granny Smith apple. I’m a lover of celeriac and this made me do my happy dance.

Cod, chicken
Translucent pearl like cod was cooked beautifully with that crispy skin top. It was to die for.  The chicken was a beautiful addition and with its succulent sauces I just wanted more of it, it was effortlessly designed to bounce off the cod and it truly complimented each other.

Mushroom, hog
Well well well, it just keeps coming! A beautiful succulent piece of pork with mushrooms, all sitting on a mushroom puree! Accompanied by an exciting and tasty posh pork scratching.

Pumpkin, spice
Delicately sweet and beautifully elegant – a light pumpkin mouse with date jam and a touch of nutmeg, all sitting on a thin beautiful piece of shortbread.

Polenta, fig
A beautiful light polenta sponge accompanied with homemade ice-cream and figs.  A delightful dish and perfect to end up on.

Overall Experience: A lovely evening, great food, simply exquisite.  Worth a visit.

Words by Hailey Liddy

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