Jay Blades X arrives at David Phipp Furnisher

Furniture packed with personality and a sense of fun!

David Phipp House Furnisher are proud to announce the arrival of the new Jay Blades X range into their showrooms.  The exciting new range of sofas and chairs from G Plan who, have joined forces with furniture restorer and award winning TV Presenter Jay Blades on a collection that celebrates their shared passion for considered and distinctive style.

G Plan has featured heavily throughout Jay’s childhood and his furniture restoration journey making him a long-time admirer of the brand.  He says if you had GPlan furniture back in the 70’s and 80’s it was almost like you had ‘made it’!

With G Plan and Jay’s shared passion for contemporary design and craftsmanship, as well as Jay’s love, passion and respect for G Plan – it is the perfect pairing.

The collection includes distinctive sofa and accent designs that blend the years of G Plan’s furniture expertise alongside Jay’s signature creativity and flair to create furniture packed with personality and a sense of fun, designed with real life in mind.  You’ll find everything from eye-catching centerpieces, to cosy snugglers and a place to put your feet up. Each can be customised to suit your unique style and taste with beautiful detailing including deep bookcase arms, power footrest options and decorative plinths, you are sure to fall in love with more than just one piece of furniture!

Sustainability is an important part of the collection, plenty of steps have been taken to minimise their impact on the environment:  Adding sustainable fabrics as an option offers the customer a responsible choice.  All springs are 100% recyclable, made by Wade Spring.  All cardboard and plastic used are 100% recyclable and they have partnered with suppliers who are working towards sustainable practises to reduce their Carbon footprint.

An effective way to minimise their impact on the environment is to offer a 25 year guarantee on the timber frames.  Back cushion fillings are made using 100% recyclable polyester fibre from recycled waste.  The average sofa cushion uses the equivalent of 100 plastic bottles.

The range is displayed on our first floor and has brought that area to life.  Jay explained in an interview that all the pieces are named after his childhood memories, areas where he grew up or where he had fun.  The Rigley Collection being his favourite.  Rigley Road reminds him of Saturdays as a child with his mum & brother.  The Broadway Chair he classes as the Daddy of all the chairs.  It’s well worth a try!

The other ranges Albion, Morley, Stamford are all on display along with the Bethnal and Peabody chairs and their range of footstools.

Join us for a glass of bubbles and view the range in style with Special Opening Offers.

We know you’ll love it!

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