“You are not just another foot through the door, you genuinely matter to the team at RB Prestige”

Rob: It is said that in both life and business it is not just how you perceive yourself that matters, but the way others perceive you. We have had the pleasure of writing about ourselves in House & Lifestyle magazine on a regular basis for quite some time now, but we thought we would do something a little different this month, and let someone else take the driver’s seat.

Just shy of a year ago we found ourselves getting a visit from a young couple who were determined to convince us that their social media business, ‘Like it, Love it, Share it!’, should take the lead on our social media platforms. It suffices to say that their pitch was compelling and different enough that we agreed to a trial month, which eventually led to a longer-term contract to represent our business. That took some trust and they have not let me down. Over the many months that this pair have held tight to the RB Prestige social media reins, helping us to get the message out to you guys professionally and with some fun, they have come to know us extremely well and are therefore in the prime position to share their honest views of our business and the journey that we have embarked upon.

Jessica: It’s difficult to identify the first thing that stood out about Rob Boreham and the team at RB Prestige, but I suppose I would say just how well received we were the very first day that my partner Alec and I walked into the showroom to pitch our services. We were welcomed warmly with steaming hot Lattes and ears that were well primed to listen to what we had to say. Rob told us all about his journey, having spent many years in the used car industry before finally taking the monumental leap of faith into the business world and setting up shop in July 2017. I was actually several months pregnant at the time, and Rob professed that as a consummate family man himself and an admirer of those with entrepreneurial spirit, he would love to support a newly launched family business.

In the months that followed we enjoyed getting to know Rob, Georgia and Kyran in both a professional and personal capacity in order to best portray their business on social media platforms. Their friendly and down to earth culture combined with regular offers of ‘join us for a coffee and a chat,’ allowed us to foster a strong relationship, cutting deeper than the external personas to the core of who they are. Often our chats would be interrupted by a customer visit, as their determination to always ensure first class customer service shone clear.

We would then get to see them in action, offering a personal service by getting to know the customer, taking their time to understand their needs and sharing their abundant passion for all things cars, from the new to the classic. It always gave me cause to smile when I saw Rob really get into his stride, his eyes lighting up as the child inside came to the surface while showcasing the features and gadgets of the latest motors to grace the showroom floor.

I remember too at Christmas, visiting for another of our monthly catch-ups. I brought my eldest with me then and Georgia was only too happy to keep her occupied and treat her to candy canes from the tree. I think it is of the utmost importance to highlight the warmth with which RB Prestige welcomes you from the moment you cross their threshold, because you are not just another foot through the door, you genuinely matter to the team at RB Prestige. And that, I think, counts for so much and should be highly praised.

We once achieved a particularly outstanding feat with Rob when we successfully convinced him to step in front of the camera for a social media video interview. Convincing him to ignore his instinctual camera shyness wasn’t easy, but after explaining how passionately we believed that the social media audience should get to see just what we see every time we pay him a visit, he finally said yes and promptly booked a fresh haircut to ensure he looked his best.

During the interview, we fired question after question at him, delving into the depths of what RB Prestige really care about. We learnt about their aim of ensuring ‘Prestige for all,’ because you don’t need to be a millionaire to own a beautiful car, and the birth of ‘Next Car. First Car. Dream Car’, because wherever you are in life, RB Prestige can find the perfect car for you.  And, of course, we discussed their most important values in business: honesty, transparency and going the extra mile. This has been proven time and time again and you need only take the tiniest peek at the social media reviews to see just how much integrity lies within this incredible team of car
sourcing super heroes.

And here at Like it, Love it, Share it!, we’re just lucky to have the pleasure of working with them, www.likeitloveitshareit.com

01202 878 188
RB Prestige Cars, 270-272 Ashley Road, Parkstone, Poole, BH14 9BZ

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