All fired up! New gas fire showroom opens in June

Since the beginning of time a fireplace has always been a symbol of archetypal warmth and survival through bitter cold.

It symbolises safety and security from outside dangers. It also symbolises love and friendship as it is the place where the family gathers for comfort.

Fireplaces come in all different shapes and forms and over the past 10 years fire BY DESIGN have seen a wide variety in many homes.

For years the emphasis was on just wood burning stoves and open fires, but in recent years we have seen a huge increase in demand for Gas appliances.

Luckily for us, we developed some strong relationships with market leaders that manufacture gas appliances that were already one step ahead of us and had listened to the changes in customer needs, current trends, creating some of the most exquisite and desirable centrepieces for your home.

We are proud to work alongside some of Europe’s most renowned manufacturers who are able to offer something for every type of installation, the problem we faced was showcasing the products to you the customers.

We have been working on creating the perfect environment for you to take a look at the type of appliances on offer and see the flame picture of these wonderful products. Our gas showroom has had an overhaul, been extended and now gives you just the place to find your new addition.

Now showcasing a large range of Gas appliances from Dru, Gazco, Chesneys & Rais. We are confident that we have something that is perfect for you.

Gas is often deemed to be unrealistic and not ‘the real deal’, but it is often, just the thing for those with a busy lifestyle and wanting an instant welcoming heat and flame.

Gas fires have come a long way from the days of element fires. Some of these state of the art appliances can be controlled by your phone, or set to timers and come on as you arrive home. They can be thermostatically controlled to maintain a consistent temperature or you can control them manually if you still want to be the one in the driving seat!

So come along to our new gas showroom in Wimborne to get up close and personal to these new additions. Talk to our technical team to discover how they can fit into your project and fall in love with gathering the family in comfort in front of your new fireplace.

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