Spark storage happiness!

The days are getting longer and now is the time to plan a Spring clean.  If, like me, you have started to watch Marie Kondo, the KonMari method might be something you are keen to put into action to help you with this task.

For those not familiar with Marie, she is a hugely popular tidying expert. Who doesn’t need a bit of help in this area of our lives?  Clutter can catch you unaware in your home – before long you are swamped in paperwork and your clothes have taken over every inch of your bedroom (floor!).  The key question she asks is – does it spark joy in your life? If not, say “thank you” and remove it from your home.

Of course part of decluttering is to ensure you have a place to store everything once you’re organised.    Try and minimise oversized furniture and keep things neat & streamline, incorporate storage inside wardrobes – drawers and storage boxes can be neatly hidden.  Compartments inside drawers are also a great way to keep things separate.

Remember, a decluttered home can bring harmony and relaxation to your space.  As well as giving you more time to enjoy the things you love.

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