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Helping you get on top of life and bringing calm to overwhelm

We are delighted to introduce Tracey Beesley to you. Tracey is a Lifestyle Consultant which, she tells us, is a fancy name for someone who helps others ‘move forward’ in every element of their lives.  Her belief is to help people reach a happy place in their lives and for some that could be handling some of life’s trickier obstacles – like moving.  Her main expertise is decluttering and house moves, she has a real ‘eye’ for what looks good and what doesn’t; especially as she worked in the Aesthetics industry for over twelve years where ‘what looks good’ is really important.

Tracey set up ‘The Lifestyle Concept’ to help people to feel free, uplifted and, most importantly, happy in themselves.  With over 20 years’ experience of working as a Personal Assistant in various business, Tracey has acquired strong organisational skills which helps her to organise and declutter other people’s life. Tracey explains that given her life experience, nothing phases her, “If I can help you it will be my pleasure to do so. I am calm and confident in any environment and am happy to offer services such as helping you to downsize, declutter, home staging for a sale or move, practical help, small gardening jobs, help you get organised in your business, as well as many other tasks and advice. The Testimonials on my website speak for themselves, they explain my work ethics, me as a person and the work I have done for clients.”

Tracey has noted that some people may be struggling to find a buyer for their home, despite the property being on the market for some time.  Maybe it’s that you have missed something that buyers are seeing that you are not?  Tracey is excellent at home-staging and helping you make some tweaks that could make all the difference.

But her real passion is decluttering which she does with empathy and kindness.  In her own words Tracey tells us, “I love decluttering, I find it calming and therapeutic.  It makes way for the new and the fresh and helps to change the energy of a place or even maybe to reflect more accurately on your new life.  I find it easy and enjoyable and it would be my pleasure to assist you overcome what can be a daunting task.  I am also good fun and light hearted, which can make the task easier, I will even take away the clutter for you (although larger items will have to be removed by a Clearance company).  In the words of Marie Kondo I have long been a firm believer that you only keep those items that give you joy and make you smile!

“Not only that I am organised, so if you have an imminent house move I can help coordinate the entire thing and you don’t have to do anything – except maybe organise a few coffees to keep me going!  I, myself, have moved a few times in my life and I know how exhausting it can be – it is supposed to be one of the top five most stressful things to go through in life!  The thing is, I like to handle ‘your stress’ in fact, more than handle it, I can take it away from you”. 

Tracey offers every new client a complimentary twenty-minute phone assessment chat where you can discuss your needs and how she can help you. You might just need a quick ad-hoc job or want to have regular monthly support which can be offered in packages of 10, 15 and 20 hours per month. That way she can literally be at your fingertips with various tasks and whenever you need her.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Tracey can help you, take a look at the Services section on her website for a full list of what she offers. “It would be my pleasure to help you in any element of your life and bring calm to overwhelm. After all, life is all about the balance, having fun and enjoying yourself and ultimately being happy.”

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