Bunches of Westbourne

A new kind of flower shop that seamlessly crosses the divide between supermarket
flower prices, but with the quality of a traditional florist.

Bunches of Westbourne, located by the Marks & Spencer Car Park, caused quite a stir locally prior to Christmas. Simone, one of the owners, quickly became the smiling face where nothing was too much trouble, especially when that came to special orders or bouquets being created within minutes.

Simone said, “People seemed to really appreciate that they could choose any combination of flowers from our display and watch as their bespoke bouquet was created.”

She went on to say, “We aim to stock a wide range of seasonal flowers and we have fresh flower deliveries arriving most days. I think customers are very happy to chat through what is in season and what is coming into season.”

Some of the comments received seem to relate not only to the great service from Simone and her team, but to how fresh the flowers really are. That is something you are just unsure about when buying flowers from a supermarket or a florist, they may have been sitting on stock from a single weekly delivery. With deliveries most days and honest advice, customers really are enjoying supermarket prices with florist quality.

The pricing is also completely transparent, gone are the days when you suggest to a florist a price and are then unsure what the true value of flowers are in your bouquet. At Bunches of Westbourne you select the flowers, which are all priced, and then a few pounds are added on for creating the bouquet, that is to cover the fillers and wrapping only. For a large bouquet the wrapping is usually £5.

We asked Simone why she had decided to close the flower shop in January and February, she said that they planned to close every January as she believed that flowers for sale in January were often left over from Christmas, or some varieties were in short supply causing flower prices to artificially inflate. She went on to say that this year she had decided to close in February as well, as she had planned her marriage on Valentine’s Day in the Caribbean with friends and family all attending. This year was a one-off being closed in February, next year they will open from the start of February right through until Christmas.

Some unexpected customers have also come to light with Bunches of Westbourne offering special discounts for churches, hotels and restaurants that buy on a regular basis. New for 2019 is the ‘at-home’ service where Simone and her team visit your house, or place of work, once or twice a week and refresh all of your flower displays. This was trialled prior to Christmas and proved quite a hit as the flowers are charged at their standard prices with just an hourly charge for delivery and arranging at your home.

Bunches of Westbourne stocks a large range of vases for sale. In addition they also offer a vase rental service for those occasions that require additional flower displays. They also specialise in Lilies and Roses with a great selection always in stock alongside other seasonal varieties.

Bunches of Westbourne re-opens on the 14th March, well in time for Mother’s Day.

As an incentive to customers, attached to this article is a discount voucher. Simply detach the voucher and present it when making a purchase to receive 10% off the purchase price valid until 30th April 2019.

t. 01202 762940
w. www.bunchesof.co.uk
a. The Coach House, 62a Seamoor Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, BH4 9AS (next to Coffee Saloon)

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