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Oak Fence Panels & Screens by Dorset Design Build

‘The mighty oak’, one of the primordial and arguably most famous trees in the entire world. A symbol of strength and survival, the oak tree is rightly known for its quality and durability, but often overlooked for it’s great natural beauty…until now.

With everything around us heading towards a kind of synthesised reality, it’s about time we got back to appreciating the majesty of natural beauty, and more specifically, just how incredible organic resources can be. With that, we welcome the latest creation from expert landscapers Dorset Design Build, their signature ‘Oak Fence Panels’.

In the hopes of turning our fences from unattractive barriers to features in their own right, Dorset Design Build have spent time handcrafting these incredible, new Oak Fence Panels.
Your average fence panel is usually an after thought, or not a thought at all — merely something to be re-painted once a year once the adverse effects of winter weather clear up. These panels are typically made of softwood, which in itself isn’t always the most attractive wood, with its coarse façade and flakey texture. Oak however, is a hardwearing, strong and resilient wood and is also incredibly beautiful and we have found it can really make a unique feature, such as your fence panels, even more attractive.

Carved from specially grown European Oak, from sustainable sources, every sheet of wood has its own originality, with all of the varying grains and knots making up a set of unique characteristics, nonpareil to a manmade replica.



Every one of these individual panels has been handcrafted so you can rest assured of the quality and integrity of the product. They can be created with either vertical or horizontal slats to suit your taste. But it’s not just fence panels that this amazing material can be used for…

In fact, Dorset Design Build have also put their new product to use as stunning planters — the likes of which would make a great addition to any outdoor space and can be built just the right size for your garden.

Oak cladding can also be used to disguise some necessary functional items within a garden, such as this bicycle shed, but can equally be used to create something like this amazing outdoor kitchen with built in BBQ, pizza oven and herb planters.

It can even be used to create a stunning outdoor seating area, much like this bespoke sitting arrangement. Featuring an oak-moulded Millboard seat with oak backrest, which also doubles up as a raised planter, creating a soft and sensory background for those long summer evenings and cosy winter nights by the heater.

The new Oak Range is now available to the public across Dorset and Hampshire, with an online store coming very soon. So whatever your next garden project, allow Dorset Design Build to show you how their latest range of bespoke products could turn up the “WOW” factor, and make you proud to come home to such an amazing space.

For more information contact Dorset Design Build on:
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