Gas or charcoal barbecues. Which is better?

With a long summer ahead of us, paying a visit to your local Haskins Garden Centre is one way to ensure you are summer ready. Haskins has outdoor furniture, BBQs, accessories and everything else you need to get ready for when the barbecue invites start to roll in.

There’s no better way to spend summer than enjoying your garden and using it as a space for entertaining family and friends. When it comes to garden barbecues and eating outside, it’s a widely debated topic – which is better, gas or charcoal? The barbecue debate involves many factors, including budget, taste and speed of cooking.

Charcoal barbecues tend to require more time to get going as you need time to ensure the embers are piping hot. Food cooked on a charcoal barbecue has a more distinctive taste because it is cooked slower, thus keeping the moisture in and keeping meat more succulent.

Gas barbecues on the other hand allow you to start cooking almost immediately, so it’s better for those that are time poor. With the added bonus of offering regulated temperatures, gas barbecues tend to cook food more evenly.

Haskins’ customer service team will be able to help and offer advice on which barbecue you’ll be better suited to, depending on requirements and taste preference. Some people prefer the hands-on experience of lighting charcoal, whereas others want convenience and adjustable heat sources.

For those that prefer gas barbecues, Haskins has a wide selection, ranging from £330 to £1,200. Best-sellers include the Triton 3 Burner (£450) and the Triton 4 Burner (£500). For those that prefer charcoal barbecues, Haskins has a selection ranging from £36 to £230.

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