Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Katie Thomas, Design Director, KTM Design

Millennial pink walls and marble surfaces may have taken centre stage in 2017, but this year it is more about understated tones, luxurious textures and splashes of bright colour.

Textures: Velvet has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years, and this year it is predicted to be the fabric of choice for statement soft-furnishings. Leather will be popular in bedrooms for upholstered headboards and quilted chairs, but also in accessories such as wall art and decorative pieces.

Dark Woods: The Scandinavian trend that has been in our lives for a long time now may have taught us to select light-coloured woods and indiscreet furniture but now in 2018, we’re going bolder. Expect to see lots of dark oak, mahogany and textured walnut pieces adding a new depth to a room.

New Metallics: Whereas rose and yellow gold have been very popular, more industrial shades of metal are expected to become the prominent choice. Less high shine materials, such as brass and nickel, will add a more organic feel to the space.

Colour – Earthy Shades: Last year was all about cool tones, but things are warming up for 2018! We’ll be seeing lots of warm neutrals such as rich, earthy shades of tobacco, rust, camel, warm greys, dark red, soft orange and burnt yellow. Cooler neutrals will be moving aside to make way for these rich tones in our homes, making spaces feel more decadent and welcoming. It is anticipated that sage will be the new neutral. The muted green with grey undertones is bolder than the likes of pure white, beige and stone, but it is still an approachable colour. When paired with a cream colour palette and woods, the sage green will soften and warm up any space. We’ll see a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles with light touches of colour and small accents in vivid hues. Other pastels to look out for are soft mustards, olives and jades.

Statement Ceilings: Forget statement walls, this year is all about statement ceilings – a creative way to transform a room from the top down. It is becoming popular to keep the walls one colour but then wallpapering, tiling, decorating or painting the ceiling to make it the standout feature of the room.

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