Latest Morgan Plus Four launched by iconic Malvern car maker

The latest Morgan Plus Four combines the company’s blend of craftsmanship and engineering to create the latest incarnation of their longest running nameplate, The latest Plus Four features a series of design, dynamic and technological enhancements.

The design has simplified the look of the car with the introduction of new lighting, wings, front splitter, rear diffuser, and floating front and rear number plate plinths.

Many of the new parts have  been designed in-house and manufactured exclusively for Morgan. Whilst the changes are subtle, the attention-to-detail and rigorous testing process of the new parts represents the level of detail upon which the company is now operating.

The Plus Four is available in manual and automatic transmission variants and is powered by the latest BMW 2.0 litre engine.

There is a change to the standard suspension consisting of new spring rates and re-valved dampers. In addition, an optional Dynamic Handling Pack – extensively developed alongside suspension experts, Nitron, – will be available from launch.

First introduced in 1950 at the Earl’s Court Motor Show in London, the Plus 4 has proven to be one of the company’s most popular models. Named Plus 4 due to its increased power over the 4-4 – the first four-wheeled Morgan – which was introduced in 1936.

Like every four-wheeled Morgan produced today, the Plus Four combines a blend of traditional craftsmanship and appropriate modern technology, a philosophy which the company refers to as ‘21st Century Coachbuilding’.

Each aluminium body is hand-formed over an ash wood frame. This body, which is made using age-old techniques handed down through generations, is married to an ultra-modern aluminium platform with the latest braking, suspension, and electronic systems.

At Morgan, there is no ‘bespoke’ department. Every Plus Four that enters production is bespoke as standard. Beyond the almost endless combination of colourways and options available to configure, prospective owners can go beyond this and request additional materials and features for their new Plus Four. This approach ensures that every Plus Four built is a true ‘one-off’.

The new Morgan Plus Four is available to order now, with the first models going into production this month.

Words by Mark Slack

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