Reviewed; Baccello

Take a stroll down Christchurch highstreet and you will discover Baccello, where you can indulge in unique wines and delicious authentic Italian cicchetti.

Our visit was a delightful journey into Italian culinary, from the moment we stepped inside, we were greeted with a warm welcome that set the tone for an enjoyable lunch.

There is no doubt about the passion the owners have for what they do. They light up while they share with us the concept behind this venture, their dedication to sourcing the finest products and offering, not just food and drink, but a whole experience when you visit the establishment.

With so many choices of wine on offer, we listen fascinated as they point out a few special ones including their very own label – which I encourage you to try, each sip a testament to craftsmanship and dedication.  They explain how they rotate which ones they offer by the glass regularly so that people can come in and try something different every time, helping to expand the palate and take you on a taste adventure.

The Authentic Italian cicchetti spread was a symphony of flavours. The selection of cheeses and meats offered a tantalising array of tastes and textures, showcasing the richness of Italian cuisine, while the freshly baked bread tied everything together flawlessly. Every bite was a reminder of Italy’s culinary heritage.

You are spoilt for choice with the selection of bruschetta on offer, we sampled a few of these flavour combinations, each one offering an explosion of flavour on the taste buds. Interestingly we each had a different favourite which just shows how they cater for a range of tastes. You can’t really go wrong with what you order but I would recommend trying the smoked mackerel, and the classic option – Italian tomatoes with caramelised onions in a balsamic dressing.

The polenta chips were a revelation –golden bites of crispy perfection, I urge you to try these! The chilli prawns and meatballs also went down a treat, there really is so much on offer here you could easily spend a leisurely couple hours sampling all their culinary delights while sipping on a delicious wine.

Bacello’s dedication to authenticity was evident in every detail, from the carefully curated wine list to the expertly crafted cicchetti. It was an experience that left us longing to return, a true taste of Italy in the heart of Dorset. It’s a must-visit destination for wine and food enthusiasts alike.

To book your table call 07398 089980.

72 High Street, Christchurch, BH23 1BN

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