Morgan’s electric future

Morgan Motor Company is planning its electric future and sharing details of a new development vehicle that will act as the forerunner to all future electric Morgan sports cars. Referred to as ‘XP-1’, the experimental prototype will provide key information to the engineers and designers at Morgan as they embark on creating the company’s first production electric models. Developed over the last 12 months by Morgan’s team of engineers based in Malvern, Worcestershire, XP-1 is based on Super 3’s aluminium platform.

The striking prototype is not intended for production and following 12 months of design and build, XP-1 will now embark on a comprehensive testing programme during the next 18-24 months, undergoing continual evolution to test new technology and features.

XP-1’s battery, motor and inverter combination represents Morgan’s first powertrain, internal combustion or battery electric. Ensuring that future electric Morgan sports cars are lightweight – as they have been throughout the company’s 114 year history – is a key requirement. This weight requirement is fundamental in the decision for the company to create its own powertrain combination, as such, XP-1’s weight is comparable to that of the production car it is based on.

XP-1 is Combined Charging System (CCS) enabled for fast charging and XP-1 is also the first ever Morgan to be fitted with an electronic park brake (EPB).

Beyond experimentation with driving characteristics and powertrain, XP-1 has also allowed Morgan to develop a further understanding of wider EV technology and design.

In bringing the XP-1 project to fruition, Morgan also begins the extensive process of workforce training and infrastructure adaptation. Due to the company’s coachbuilding production methods, the creation of this internal knowledgebase is vital for the future production of electric Morgan sports cars, and will centre around workshop readiness to build electric vehicles, training for high voltage systems handling and installation of charging infrastructure.

Sports car fans can expect periodic instalments and to see the vehicle popping up at events, both at Morgan’s factory and further afield.

Words by Mark Slack

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