Why we shut Christmas Day and Boxing Day…

As the holiday season approaches, the Fired Up collective is getting ready for the festive season and will offer an unforgettable Christmas dining experience. Comprising Nusara, our Thai restaurants, Zim Braai, our Pan-African Steakhouse and The Goods Yard and Old Thatch pubs, our collective presents a mouthwatering lineup of Christmas delights. However it always brings me round to that question…why we don’t open on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. To be sure we would make some very good money – but is that what its all about?

Christmas is about family and I have never worked Christmas Day and Boxing Day and don’t expect my staff to either – it’s time to be with family and loved ones. In a time where this is much talk about mental health in the industry and how does the industry “grow up” for me that’s about balance. Yes we would take money, but is it better to get some balance for the staff? I’m a NED on the Burnt Chef Project a NFP that focuses on mental health in the industry and its about time that we just said no… there will be plenty of places to go and some Hospitality businesses rely on these to “bankable days” for me it about the festive period and my staff will be working their socks off during that time to make sure everyone has an amazing time.

So whether its the traditional Christmas feasts served at our cozy pubs or the enticing festive dishes offered at Nusara and Zim Braai, this year is the perfect time to experience exceptional dining experiences with your loved ones (just not on Christmas Day and Boxing Day with us!). So Visit firedupcollective.co.uk to explore our Christmas menus and secure your reservations and let’s make this holiday season truly unforgettable with exceptional dining, a warm and welcoming ambiance, and the togetherness that only our collective can provide. And spare a thought for our tribe who are delivering it for you!

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