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Carly House from Carly House Interiors offers her advice on remodelling or refreshing your lounge.

1. Start at the beginning!
Don’t rush the process, start at the beginning by putting a mood board together. This will help you to see colours and textures working or not working! Doing this first could save you money in the long run, as it might stop you changing your mind halfway through the project.

2. The TV
I never like to design a room around a TV, but if you don’t live in a house with ample rooms to have a cinema room or kids’ playroom, then the lounge is the only space for a TV. I love snuggling up with my daughters to watch a Disney movie, so I understand the importance of making a lounge functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

When placing a TV, make sure this isn’t placed too high up a wall, midway to low is better. A media wall is a great way to incorporate a TV, it hides any cabling and makes a wonderful stylish feature to the room.

3. Rug placement
A fresh new rug can always give a room a boost, don’t be afraid to add a pattern or even layer a new rug over an existing neutral rug. The swap of a rug can instantly bring a new style to any room. If you want to consider layering your rugs, then choose a more affordable bottom rug like a jute. This also gives you diversity in you want to change the look again.

4. Colour
The biggest area to go wrong quite easily is choosing the wrong paint colours. This process takes time and patience.

Colours change depending on the weather, time of day and season, so be sure to place sample areas around the room. If you have low ceilings then consider painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls, this will make the ceiling feel higher. Don’t ignore your woodwork it doesn’t always have to be white!

5. Get creative with your walls!
I don’t like to place art and features on every wall in a room, but I do like to introduce a lovely family gallery. There are so many options for a gallery wall, either uniformed rows of matching frames or make it slightly more interesting by adding different frame sizes and types. Mix old with new, even add some art into the mix. A gallery wall will bring your personality into your home. If you are wanting to give bigger impact to your walls, then I love to incorporate
wood panelling.

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