The Goods Yard; re-imagined

How do you refurb a pub, without changing the essence of what it was? By not re-inventing the wheel, just polishing it…

Reopening Broadstone’s iconic Goods Yard Pub was a journey into the heart of tradition with a fresh perspective. This beloved establishment, steeped in history, is set to make a triumphant return, and it’s all about embracing the past while stepping into the future.

The Goods Yard’s revival began with a careful restoration of its physical space. It preserves the cosy, familiar atmosphere whilst introducing subtle touches that have enhanced comfort and aesthetics, it feels more upmarket, but it’s still the traditional pub. The cherished fireplaces, a symbol of warmth and community, remain focal points, ensuring that the pub’s soul remains intact.

The culinary experience at the Goods Yard has also been reinvented, under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Jon Newing, a rising star Chef Ethan Platen-Mills. A revitalized menu, featuring classic pub fare alongside innovative dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, promises to delight discerning palates. The bar will offer a diverse selection of craft beers, ales, and cocktails to cater to modern tastes while paying homage to its timeless offerings.

The Goods Yard’s reopening isn’t just about preserving history; it’s about ensuring it continues to evolve and thrive as a cherished community landmark for years to come.

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The Goods Yard, 14 Station Approach, Broadstone, BH18 8AX

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