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Superior Fires is a gas and electric fire shop located in Christchurch, Dorset — not far from the beach and just a few minutes away from the A338. This shop has been around long enough to see the transition from wood burners to gas stoves, to the newest trend of LED electric fires that have been gaining in popularity and become their best-selling product.

We spoke with James Cooper, Sales Executive of Superior Fires, to get a pulse on the heating industry and see what new products they have for the upcoming heating season.


Deluxe Real Logs

Continuing to build a strong reputation
Over the last few years British Fires has become a ‘hot item’ in the Superior Fires showroom. The attention to detail in the design and manufacturing of each product is second to none. From their stoves to suites and the original New Forest 1200 each has garnered respect and admiration in home and heating related industries. British Fires continues to develop new products to expand their range and market reach. It is important to point out that much of their success is down to word of mouth which has built a reputation that can be trusted. So, seeing British Fires remaining a staple of the Superior Fires showroom should come as no surprise.

With the continued success of the British Fires products within the showroom they have been consistently updating and adding to the curated Electric section. There have been some exciting new products released this year and are getting ready to make their first deliveries of those electric fires.

James, from the Superior Showroom says, “An electric fire that is sure to be a ‘home run’ is the new Knightwood LED.” It is named after the lone 500+ year old Knightwood Oak tree located in the New Forest. The Knightwood electric fire mimics the oak tree with a prominent, portrait orientation and a viewing port nearly 1160mm tall and 717mm wide. It is perfect for customers who want to make a real statement in any living space. Deluxe Real Logs also come as standard here, so all customers get the authentic fireplace experience. “Installation, as with all our inset products, is simple and only requires a flat wall with enough internal depth or, a false chimney breast can be built to house the unit” exclaims James. “Come see the Knightwood now in our showroom and experience a true centrepiece.”

Hinton Cast Iron Stove

Another fire that has gone under lots of work behind the scenes and is now in the showroom is the Hinton Cast Iron Stove. It has the look and feel of a genuine wood burning stove but, as they say in Christchurch,
‘You won’t believe it’s electric.’ Currently on display is the Black Cast Iron stove equipped with their bespoke Deluxe Real Logs that genuinely look the part in this setup. The heater is located at the bottom of the stove, so it is safe to operate underneath any artwork or televisions. Other colour options will be available in 2024.

New Forest 2400 electric fire

Other items have received minor updates, such as the New Forest 2400 that now has a Deluxe Real Log fuel bed along with improved downlighting across the entire width of the fire. This fire simply looking amazing in the media wall installation. A must see for customers who want to do it big!

The beauty of these fires is not just the looks themselves but, that they can be operated for mere pennies a day with the just the LED flame-effect in operation. Meaning, the heating is a separate operation from the flame and lighting options controlled via the remote handset. You can enjoy the ambiance of award-winning LED flame-effects all year-round.

Inset Gas Stoves and Flueless Cast-Iron stove

Utility bill friendly heating
While British Fires remains a focus for the Superior showroom the other options of flueless gas fires and traditional inset fires must not be overlooked. In a time of uncertainty with regards to heating costs the desire to have efficient heating is more important than ever. The High-Efficiency line of Inset Gas Stoves and Flueless Cast-Iron stoves are the best options for people looking to heat a single room without having to keep an eye on their smart meters.

With the winter months getting closer, now, is the time to look around the Superior Fire showroom, or visit their website, and pick out a fire or two to spruce up and heat up any room in your home.

Not only is it easy to find their showroom but being shown a variety gas and electric fires by a member of staff is very helpful. If you don’t have the means or time but, want to get a similar experience, visit their website (www.superiorfires.com) which makes finding just the right fire for any budget or room a cinch.

Using the Fire Finder will allow you to go through a simple step-by-step process to narrow down the results to the options that are right for you.

They know that first time buyers can feel intimidated by the options available so, if you need any help, the site offers plenty of information on products, services, and terms & conditions. They can also be reached through email and telephone. In fact, Superior Fires has an EXCELLENT rating of 4.6 stars on Trustpilot with many mentions of great customer service.

Brockenhurst 1200 Electric Suite

Free parking with a plethora of spaces makes a visit thoroughly worthwhile to see all their products.


T.01202 588632
E. sales@superiorfires.co.uk
A. 10 Avon Trading Park, Reid Street, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 2BT

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