Cheap suits, upsell and engine lights… not the RB way

When you are looking for a new car, one of the first things to do is jump onto one of the nations top car search providers. There you have lists and lists of every type of car for sale, before filtering it to suit what it is that you fancy next.

Then you are shown several potential choices for your next new car. So, now it’s just a case of working out where they are, who is selling them and, of course, the price.

You narrow it down even further to match your requirements and there it is! The perfect car. They do finance too and a promise of driveaway insurance, a warranty and the pictures are presented as if Michealangelo himself had caressed those lines and perfect colours. You pay the deposit over the phone and arrange collection, excited for new car day!

Jump off the train after three hours, short cab ride and the driver drops you at a location that looks a little different to the pictures on the web. But, you recognise the name of the dealer and venture inside. Greeted by a salesperson who is wearing the same suit they wore to their last special occasion, you are handed a coffee and told there’ll just be some paperwork to go through.

An hour goes by while you tick boxes to say that you don’t want key cover, but you will take the £70 GAP protection product that they charge £399 for, along with the alloy wheel cover, but skip the tyre cover because the suit is watching you, calculating in his head how much extra he just earned.

And then it’s new car time! It’s lost that Michaelangelo glow a bit, but still looks cool and you can almost taste the malibu smells coming from inside as you slide over the leather care and into driving position. It’s exciting! You start the engine and the dash illuminates. Only one light doesn’t go out and it’s the engine management light. You are told it’s probably just a sensor. So, a tablet gets plugged in, turns it off and you are assured that if it comes back on by the time you get home, then it’s covered by the amazing warranty that should cover most things; more likely the gearbox and engine only if it failed on a certain day, time and the moon was approaching it’s final quarter.

Do you take the car? You’ve come so far! Or do you go home empty handed and explain to everyone that someone just wasted your time, money and your new car isn’t happening.

Or, you can scrap all of this and just call RB Prestige! They have been sourcing cars for people for twenty years and they can cut through all of this, ensuring that they are happy for their name to go against a car that suits your requirements and budget, while you stay at home. You can then collect it, with full peace of mind, after their extensive checks and applying their own comprehensive warranty. If you don’t want to visit their premises, they’ll even arrange delivery for you.

So, what’s it to be? A mini adventure into the land of who knows what in the automotive industry. Or a free of charge service where someone does it all for you?

Call RB Prestige today to find out just how pleasurable they can make the new car buying experience.

T. 01202 878 188
A. Unit 11, Axis 31, Oak Field Road, Woolsbridge Industrial Estate, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 6FE

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