Why an Interior Designer is worth the investment…

It may seem an unnecessary expense calling in the services of an Interior Designer, but when steered in the right direction by a professional experienced eye it could save you the money in wanting to re-decorate again sooner than planned. “Interior design services are no longer just for the elite” advises Interior Designer Carly House.

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Here are Carly’s tips on why you should consider an Interior Designer for your next project.

1.Hiring the skills of a designer can save you money
The Interior Design service is more affordable nowadays and when you know we can save you money on your project, it’s the perfect service to have by your side. The experience of a good designer means that you’re going to get the room design right the first time around. No returns because the furniture doesn’t fit, no extra purchases of paints because you decided it was the wrong colour after all, meaning you would absolutely make back the money you spent on the service.

2. Planning on a budget
Deciding where to splurge and where to save is a job in itself, with the expertise of a designer they can help ensure that you complete your design within the budget and make sure you don’t run out of money before it’s complete. I would always advise to bring a designer onto a project sooner rather than later.

3. Beautiful results with the WOW factor
There’s no doubt about it, if you hire a designer, you’ll get a designer finish. We bring unexpected ideas and always look to get the best out of every room.

4. A designer will help you define your style and bring your personality into your home
Not many people know their own style, an Interior Designer should work closely with you to firstly define your personal style and then communicate it effectively, with heaps of inspiration to help decide the design direction for a room before anything else.

5. Less stressful
Building, renovating or even re-decorating can be stressful, especially when you are inexperienced or trying to juggle your career, family and life. There’s a lot of important decisions to be made to ensure a successful outcome. An Interior Designer takes the guesswork out of decision making and provides reassurance that your project is on track for your desired outcome. An Interior Designer can also open your eyes to choices you didn’t know existed and give you the confidence to try something that you didn’t even know you liked!

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