Back to Nature – Fresh Mint

I wanted to share with you, something that has really made a difference for me, during these balmy, late Summer evenings. Sometimes it can be easy to forget natures benefits that we have to hand!

After a recent meeting at a client’s house on a humid August afternoon, she brewed a pot of peppermint tea, simply mint leaves freshly picked, popped into a diffuser teapot with hot water. The result – so refreshing, revitalising and actually cooling, especially after a dinner, also helping to aid digestion; a cup of mint tea, 30 minutes before bed time has made such a difference to aid a good night’s sleep.

This led me on to explore the easiest ways of growing herbs to be easily accessible to us all in our homes. Today I focus on mint, next month I will look at what other herbs are simple to grow, useful in cooking and their properties that so many of us are unaware of.

Actually belonging to the same family of plants as basil, mint has a very different taste, all of its own, with a punchy flavour profile more resilient to heat than basil’s. Ever popular, especially with boiled potatoes, mint finds its way into a great many recipes and is a herb that all kitchens should have a ready supply of.

I certainly will be keeping a selection of herbs on my kitchen windowsill to take me through into the winter months, enhancing our lifestyle and wellbeing, not to mention the beautiful aroma that they bring into our home.

Photo by Abby Boggier on Unsplash

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