Unique Dog, Unique Diet

This month Cerberus Organic Dog Food is focussing on its pioneering variable Build Model, which allows you to change your dog’s diet, as often as you like, whilst optimising nutritional health benefits.

Dogs have come a long way from feral survival to domestication and this journey has significantly evolved their food and dietary intake. From scraps and leftovers, developing diets from pet food companies and our shift to a heightened awareness of nutritional health, a lot has changed in the canine food sector.

During their research and trials James and Debbie, the founders of Cerberus, realised that dogs like humans can be very fussy when it comes to food, “We soon understood that every dog regardless of breed is very different and that goes for their taste buds, sense of smell and also the allergies that they are susceptible to.”

James picks up the story to explain, “We found that some dogs were just not a fan of certain ingredients. Cockapoos were a breed, which knew exactly what they liked and what they didn’t like, with carrots and butternut squash being abruptly ejected from the bowl! The feedback from the owners further strengthened our belief that a variable model was needed, where the owner can change and adapt their dog’s meal with a click of a button. It wasn’t all about the choices of the dog, as allergies played an important factor, so creating optionality and not being limited to basic recipes was something we identified as a critical element to our strategy.”

The Build Model enables the owner to create a meal by selecting from an extensive range of ingredients, from each category. Once you have inputted your information on your dog you are then guided through the following categories:

  • OILS

You can pick and choose as you see fit and the clever part of the model is that you never have to worry about making an unbalanced meal because the website is coded and mapped against regulatory nutritional parameters, nutritional research and a balancing algorithm. James explains further, “What we were able to do was to upload all of our research on the different breeds, associated health issues and nutritional health analysis. It allowed us to use the information on each dog and make suggestions on ingredients that are research supported to help with certain conditions and health issues. In last month’s issue we covered Border Collie Ted and his Osteoarthritis, with our system suggesting beneficial health ingredients such as cod liver oil, green lipped mussels, beets and moringa leaf powder. The system is adaptive to each dog and makes recommendations to the owner as they are making their choices.”

The Build Model isn’t just for dogs with health issues, it creates diet variety, optimises the nutrition for each dog and reduces stress for owners with fussy dogs. A good example is the wonderful Luna, her owner Janine McEnnerney provides the story, “Luna is a German Shepherd cross Lurcher who will be two years old at the end of February. She has been a very fussy eater ever since her young pup days, even sometimes refusing to eat at all, which for an owner is worrying. We tried every dog food and recipe in the market, but nothing was working. James introduced us to Cerberus, as one of his first clients and Luna has loved all the different variety of meals James has given her. You can see the difference in her behaviour, her coat is soft and shiny, and she looks so good! James’s help and guidance has been amazing, and I would definitely recommend Cerberus to any other fellow owner.”

Each ingredient listed within the Build Model provides you with a detailed description of the nutritional health benefits, which is vital in guiding an owner through the decision-making process. Further, the Cerberus research segment identifies the most commonly associated health issues with each breed covered, so as you are deciding on which ingredient to include, you can understand why you should include them!

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