How to choose glazing for coastal living

A home by the seaside with beautiful views over the water is wonderful in many ways. There’s always something new to look at and the fresh air is invariably energising.

Large areas of glazing make the most of the outlook, however coastal properties also have their challenges, not least the impact of that salty air and onshore breeze.

Choose wisely and your windows and doors should last well against these frenemies.

Wind and salt
Wind creates pressure on glass (wind load), the force of which the glass must resist. Your architect needs to calculate wind load early on, accounting for factors such as your home’s shape and local wind speeds.

For frames, ask about marine grade paint or powder coating with a thickness of 80 microns (industry standard is 60 microns) to give extra resilience in withstanding inevitable salt deposits.

Certain products are more suited to our marine environment. Hinged casement windows, for example, incorporate a static rubber seal in two positions making them more wind resistant. Large non-opening picture windows are another good choice for simply framing the view.

Patios, balconies and balustrades
Being able to sit outside to enjoy a special vista is a must for many people. Generously proportioned sliding doors give easy access to patios and glazed balconies while capitalising on a prized panorama in all weathers.

Where a balcony isn’t possible, sliding doors can be fitted with glass balustrading directly beyond them. We often fit these to loft extensions, which time and again have the best position in the house.

(Self) Cleaning
We always advise regular cleaning of standard glass and all frames, however self-cleaning glass will lessen maintenance.  A special coating helps reduce adherence of certain substances, breaking down others; it can even deal with the inevitable seagull droppings and is certainly useful for hard-to-reach windows or rooflights.

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