How to get the best from your Summer Blooms!

Everyone loves receiving flowers or maybe you just love buying them for yourself. However it’s not  always that clear on the best way to look after them.

Here’s my Top 10 for keeping your blooms fresher for longer.

  1. Always use a clean vase.
  2. Use the flower food that should be provided.
  3. Remove any leaves that sit below the water line.
  4. Cut the stems at an angle with a sharp knife or garden snips for woody stems.
  5. Replace the water every other day. A miniscule amount of sterilising solution will help if no flower  food is left.
  6. Recut the stems by about 2cm each time.
  7. Avoid placing your flowers in direct sunlight or near any heat source.
  8. Remove any wilting leaves or flower heads. This will encourage new buds to develop.
  9. If roses flag at the head, cut the stem with a sharp knife and place it in 2cm of boiling water to force any air block out, then put it back in deep cold water.
  10. Keep your flowers away from fruit. They hate the ethylene that fruit produces as it ripens.

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