How to create a family friendly bathroom

Ripples designer, Helen Jones, shares her best advice for creating a sophisticated, practical space that the entire family can enjoy.

Keep it clean
We all know that having kids means more mess, naturally! To make life easier, think about where water is likely to splash to avoid constantly mopping up, for example choose an integrated basin rather than a sit-on version, it will be way more practical with less water splashing everywhere.

TOP TIP: ‘If you choose a bath it’s a good idea to have a hand shower attachment as well as everything else so you can easily clean the bath and hose down little ones after a hard day of playing!’

Sturdy and strong
Whether there’s one or three going through the bathroom everyday, you’ll want to choose taps and showers that will withstand heavy use by the whole tribe. Ripples offer high-quality products that have been carefully selected and tested to ensure they don’t deteriorate and will last a lifetime.

Tidy away
If space is in your favour, it’s a good idea to build in some extra storage, whether it’s for bundles of towels, toiletries or toys. You’ll need a home for these items that you can easily close the door on and hide away. Having a shelf for each family member is another way to encourage children to put away their own things too.

Safety first
Opt for thermostatic bath fillers and shower fittings, as they will help to keep control of your water temperature and ensure extremely hot water doesn’t come through unless you use the override button.

Painted radiators are also a safe choice as they are cooler to the touch than chrome or stainless steel, another bonus; they are usually more cost effective and produce approximately 30% more heat.

Step it up
Step up stools are a great addition to a family bathroom. They can help the smaller residents of your home to reach the basin to wash their hands and brush teeth.

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