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Tracey Beesley, a Lifestyle Consultant and professional declutterer, can help you to get on top of life and bring calm to overwhelm

Have you ever felt overwhelmed every time you step into your home?  As you look around you, do you think “Where do I begin”?

The truth is, that we all feel overwhelm from time to time and although for some of us, it is a temporary ‘glitch’ in this journey called life; for others, it’s a permanent state of affairs and seems to only go from bad to worse. This, in turn, can affect our mental health and lead to further problem down the line.

I have used decluttering myself, many times in my life.  I use it to bring calm in some anxious times and it’s worked for me, for many years, I know for a fact, it will work for you.

I always use the analogy that follows.  No artists would start a masterpiece with anything other than a blank canvas, so having a clear space, which is your home, allows you to think more clearly.

But don’t take my word for it, there is some really good evidence out there now about what decluttering can do for you and there are some interesting facts.

  1. Clutter steals time – the average person spends one year of their lifetime looking for lost things.  Outcomes – lateness, duplicate buying, frustration
  2. Social life – do you want to invite friends and family to your home? Do you, in fact, have no room as the ‘spare room’ is, in fact, not spare?
  3. Downtime – do you feel relaxed in your home at the end of a busy day or overwhelmed?
  4. Do you buy duplicates because you lose things – think of your cash flow?
  5. Usable space – do you use your garage for its intended purpose – i.e. a car or is it full of ‘stuff’ that you cannot bring yourself to go through?
  6. 23% of adults pay bills late as they can’t find them
  7. Improper storage leads to damage and loss of value

I have two specialities, both of which are situations I have encountered myself.  Newly divorced or separated couples often find it hard to split the contents and downsize (as that is often required).  I’m able to come in with a sense of calm, and help you let go and move on.  Separately, I helped my own mum downsize and I knew, only too well, what an overwhelming time it was for her. Carefully we found the special items that needed a pride of place in her new home and other items, that we could let go of to be given a new lease of life in a new home.

I love helping other people and it would be my pleasure to help you during a tricky time in your life.

Does your home reflect the real you? Do you need help to create the home of your dreams and free yourself from the clutter that could possibly be overwhelming you?  Why not give me a call (a free one hour consultation is available on request) and see how we gel.  It would be my pleasure to help you live the best life you can.

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