Visualising Your Dream Garden With Dorset Design Build

A dream garden can be a large undertaking, irrelevant of the actual size of the project.

“Your perfect garden starts with perfect knowledge. And to obtain this, we need to understand how your garden will be used; who will spend time out there? Doing what? And when? We’ll work to create a design that reflects your personal taste and style, whilst also being practical, affordable, sustainable and beautiful. All of which comes together to create a garden that adds value to your home, and enjoyment to your life,” says Dorset Design Build Founder, Peter Jenkins.

You and I might have an idea of the garden we want, but it never ceases to fascinate me how a landscaper can take that idea and bring it to life. On this matter, we decided to interview the experts over at Dorset Design Build, to find out what really goes into planning and creating dream gardens. With that, allow us to hand over to Peter Jenkins, the company’s Founder and Head Designer:


We start with an initial design meeting to learn about your garden, current issues and your overall vision. It is important to reach an understanding of how you wish to use the space, as a garden is very a unique and personal space. Most importantly, we take this time to listen to your needs. Whether you’re looking for a large entertaining space or an intimate secluded area, we will design and tailor the garden to you”.

A designed garden provides many benefits. It can improve how you use your space, ease maintenance and add value to your home. Most importantly a well-designed garden can be beautiful, expressive and enhance your property. With the kind of tools a professional landscaper has at their disposal, you can take that seemingly distant vision and quickly make it a potential reality with the likes of 3D software. Peter explains, “After we have learned what you need from your garden, we can move onto the design phases. To begin we need to survey the site. We use a state-of-the-art Leica Total Station system to carry out a full 3D survey of your garden that is millimeter-accurate. This can even pinpoint any electric and phone cables, gas mains and drains that we need to avoid.”


Whilst the 3D technologies open up a new world in terms of visualisation and logistics, the design team still value the more traditional methods that add that extra level of tangibility to a project; “Once we have gathered the required information we begin designing. We use a range of medias to carefully design your dream garden, creating accurate scale drawings, mood boards and site models to help visualize your new space,”
adds Peter.   


When it gets down to crunch time and final decisions are to be made, the design team is there to guide you through. “We will work with you to create a final design that suits you. We will produce a couple of design concepts presenting different layouts to ensure different possibilities have been explored. We then amalgamate the concepts into a final design, specifying material finishes and rationale behind each design intention. Once we have completed your dream design, we use our state-of-the-art Leica system to accurately mark out your garden using laser technology for fine precision.” says Designer, Jordan Ling, “And so the groundwork begins!” concludes Peter.


It’s magical to see your dream garden emerging from the mud. If you’ve been inspired by Dorset Design Build’s behind the scenes look at the work they do, then you might like to explore more of their case studies on their website. If you have any questions, or indeed would like their team to help you with an impending project, then give them a call. They’ll be happy to help.

For more information contact Dorset Design Build on:
t. 01202 981669

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