Growing your own salad

With the arrival of warmer weather, it’s likely many of us will be preparing salads for lunches and as a side at family BBQs. This season at Haskins we’re encouraging you to grow your own salad leaves right from your window sill and enjoy its journey from plant to plate, in a matter of seconds.

Pot-grown salad leaves can be cut back every few weeks to provide salad throughout the summer. These are widely known as ‘cut and come again’ salads, as the leaves will sprout again after being cut. When you harvest the young leaves, they are prevented from maturing and this will provide several harvests of leaves over the course of summer. We recommend harvesting leaves in the morning when they are at their freshest.

Loose Leaf Lettuce is a super easy option to grow, needing only a few hours of sunlight to survive. Spinach is another good option for beginner gardeners. To keep your leaves healthy, it’s best to use a liquid feed formulated especially for fruit and
vegetable plants.

At Haskins, we stock a wide range of window boxes suitable for indoors, from £5.49. We would recommend placing a drip tray underneath their drainage holes. Small bags of John Innes No1 10L compost are ideal for small indoor boxes, available for £3.99. We sell a range of seeds and vegetable starter plants ideal for window sills and our salad seeds start from £1.99.

You can tweet @HaskinsGarden for gardening advice or visit Haskins has a centre in Ferndown, Dorset and also in West End, Southampton.

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