Spring/Summer Interior Trends to Look Out For

Katie Thomas, Design Director of KTM Design and Regional Director of the Society of British and International Design (SBID)

If you are looking to update your home/ flat/ room this season, then there are some key interior trends you need to know about for spring/ summer 2018.

Ice Cream Shades
This is a fun colour trend for 2018 that involves mixing and matching pastels to create a look which is both soft and bold at the same time. The lovely contrast of bubblegum blues, pistachio greens and strawberry pinks create a vibrant colour palette without overwhelming the senses. Keeping a neutral backdrop is key to this trend, as these pastels work best as the sole source of colour through various accents. Opting for a vanilla cream, white or black background should ensure success with this palette.

Dark Woods
The Scandi trend that we are all very familiar with may have encouraged us to select bleached wood and indiscreet furniture but this year we are going bolder and darker. Mahogany, textured walnut and dark oak are starting to take centre stage and are adding a new depth to any room. This finish will become more prominent in commercial spaces as well as residential, with dark wood desks giving an edge of sophistication to office environments.

New Metallics
You will often see this newly popular dark wood finish teamed with metallics, but not just any metallics. Instead of rose gold and yellow gold, more industrial shades of metal are becoming increasingly popular. Materials with less of a shine such as nickel and brass will give your space a more organic feel. Inject a hint of this trend into your home or commercial space through metallic pendant lights, framed wall-hung pictures and mirrors, edging on coffee tables or the feet on sofas and arm chairs. Brass is my personal favourite as there’s something quite special about the warm brass palette that adds instant luxe to a home.

A big spring/ summer 2018 trend is ‘Wabi-Sabi’, which is an easy, carefree concept to apply. Wabi-Sabi finds beauty in imperfection, and when following the Wabi-Sabi way it is important to have authenticity and focus on staying true to oneself and celebrating life’s flaws. Beds can be messy and crumpled rather than primped, plumped and tucked, and homes are ‘homely’. We are seeing more and more plants and natural furniture/materials creeping into indoor space to give a fresh and airy feel, and boundaries between the indoors and outdoors are being blurred.

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