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The working week can feel like a real slog sometimes. Whether you’re in your dream job or still hiking your way up the ladder, there’s no hiding from what most would call the “afternoon slump”—you know, that time about an hour after the feel-good effects of lunch have worn off and the unrelenting tiredness (and major procrastination) sets in.

The fact is, that onset weariness might have less to do with the amount of sleep you’re getting and more to do with your health and fitness. For example, did you know that regular exercise helps your brain to function at a higher capacity? Improving memory, your ability to multitask and make quicker decisions along with it. Likewise a properly fueled body—much like a well-oiled machine—can function better on so many levels, and is less open to a whole host of dangerous diseases that go hand-in-hand with a poor diet.

OK, this is probably a whole lot of stuff you already know—I can almost hear the “duh” coming from our readers—but it’s also something we really overlook. Yes we all have our own aesthetic goals (i.e. be thinner, have more muscle, loose the beer belly), but a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle has so many more important benefits, particularly when it comes to productivity at work. With this in mind, Personal Trainer Shay Faulkner is challenging bosses (and persuasive employees) to sign their team up to “Powered Up”, a new fitness and nutrition plan that is going to empower employees to live healthier, happier lives.


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What is Powered Up?
Essentially it’s a tailored workout and nutrition plan that gets people more active and eating better, in a way that will improve their day-to-day working week and general wellbeing.

I’m encouraging bosses to sign up their team to show that they really care about the people that are working for them, by giving them the opportunity to improve their health and most importantly happiness.

Everyone’s body is unique and must be treated that way but by using my knowledge and experience, I will find the method that works best for you and help you to apply it to your life!

How does it work?
I meet the individuals who have signed up and have a friendly chat about what their habits and lifestyle is like now, and ultimately where they want to be in ‘x’ months/years time. And it’s not just about their diet or training either, we’ll talk about so many other factors like emotions, habits, lifestyle patterns—all sorts, so that we really get to the bottom of things that maybe they weren’t even fully aware of that could be affecting their progress.

Once we’ve had that initial meeting I can go away and create a tailored workout and diet plan, that factors in employees’ lifestyle and goals as a whole—treats, cheats and all. Ultimately, we want to create a lasting lifestyle and mindset change that will make healthy eating and taking care of your body second nature, and actually something to enjoy.


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What does it cost?
It’s a one-off fee of £50 per employee, to create a tailored plan that we continuously alter and improve on as the individual’s fitness journey continues. This also includes regular 1-2-1s, support and progress tracking via our Powered Up app.

Why should bosses invest in their staff’s fitness and health?

  1. We live in a very different age now where employees want to be valued in ways other than a salary, and with more and more people getting into their fitness, this is a fantastic work perk to be able to offer.
  2. With approximately 32 million days lost last year due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries, it quite literally pays to invest in your staff’s health.
  3. Exercise stimulates the brain, helping it to function at a higher capacity. This has a huge effect on our work, from improved memory and greater attention spans, to improving our ability to multi-task and make decisions faster.

For more information contact Shay:
t. 07975 555588
w. www.poweredup.co

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