How Do I Get My Lawn Looking Summer-ready?

It’s fairly easy to keep an established lawn in good order. Keep your lawn looking good for years to come by paying it some extra attention and follow Haskins’ top recommendations:

  1. Prepare your lawn by raking out moss, debris and thatch. Spike the lawn to improve drainage and air circulation.
  2. Remove weeds manually or with a lawn-formulated weed killer.
  3. Apply seed in mild temperatures to improve thickness. Water with a sprinkler and protect from birds.
  4. Apply a top dressing after seeding to improve soil structure. Work the top dress into the lawn with a broom.
  5. Mow and feed regularly to encourage your lawn to thicken. Trim the edge for neatness.

May is the ideal month to give your lawn some attention and apply lawn sand to get rid of any moss, rake over and follow with a seed and feed. A lush, healthy and green lawn creates that all-important garden space for summer quality time.

Did you know? The lawn was originally a status symbol of the aristocracy and gentry. It showed that the owner could afford to keep land that was not being used for food production or a building. It wasn’t until the 18th century that the lawn became known as a recreational space.

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