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With little glimpses of sunshine finally breaking through our recently erratic weather spell, it’s time we started turning our home improvement intentions to more alfresco territories. With this in mind we spoke with the “all-things-landscaping” experts, Chris and Matt (Owners) at highly rated BH Garden Solutions, to find out more about their unique approach and how they have been transforming gardens in the local area for over 7 years.

A People Business
With Chris and Matt–possibly two of the friendliest business owners ever at the helm, it’s clear to see why so much of their customer feedback reflects their friendly, knowledgeable and professional approach.  Having worked together in what feels like a previous lifetime—managing a windsurfing centre abroad—the dynamic duo has years of prior customer service experience, which has trickled down into their now established landscape gardening business.

“It’s so important to us that every one of our team are as approachable as they are knowledgeable”, says Chris, “We want our clients to be able to ask any member of our team questions and to feel as involved in their project as they want to be”, he continues.

When they launched the company back in 2011 it started off as just the two of them, but now Matt and Chris manage a team of 10 talented individuals all of whom abide by the same ethos of putting customer service at the heart of the business.  “Although we now have a larger team with multiple projects, Chris and I are a constant point of contact to clients throughout the process”, says Matt.



Dedication, Quality and Care
Chris and Matt started their business doing primarily maintenance work, fencing and small landscaping projects, but once word spread about the quality of their work and sociable approach, the work grew and sure enough, so did the size of the jobs. Now, seven years down the line Chris, Matt and the team take on an array of landscape gardening projects – no one too big and this includes commercial projects, or too small – as well as running the maintenance arm of their business.

When asked what their company values are, Matt explained, “Customer service, quality of work and communication.  Communication is really important to us and we make a point of checking-in on projects on a daily basis. Ultimately, we want our clients and all involved, to be as informed as possible so that we create a high-level of trust, where they feel safe in the knowledge that they are getting exactly what they have asked for, with no hidden extras. It’s this fundamental belief that we follow from the initial consultation and quote, right through to the end of the project”.

Supporting the Local Area
Where possible, BH Garden Solutions use locally sourced materials in their projects. From indigenous wood and stone, to Dorset-based plant suppliers and the best specialists in the area, but above all, quality, at the most competitive price, is always their priority when it comes to sourcing materials.



Added Value
With the pace of life ever increasing and workloads piling up, how we spend our downtime is that much more important, which is why more of us are honing in on transforming our gardens into a year-round oasis.

A good looking garden—the likes of which BH Garden Solutions can design, plan and create—can add enormous value to your quality of life, and moreover, add monetary value to your house.  Chris comments, “…we had a call just the other day, from a couple whose garden we had transformed prior to them moving and they said that the garden had been one of the biggest attractions for the new buyers”.

Fixed Quotes
BH Garden Solutions always offer fixed quotes, with itemised pricing so that you have a completely transparent overview of exactly how your money is being spent. Not only is this a refreshingly honest approach, but it gives clients the opportunity to pick and choose any parts of the project they may want to sacrifice, change or additional work they might want to add in to meet their budget. “It can sometimes be a real struggle to find the balance between what you want the finished results to look like and achieving this within your budget. But by breaking down the cost of each item we give clients the opportunity to dissect the project and make their own informed decisions, with the help and support of our knowledge and experience”,  says Matt.

If you would like to talk to BH Garden Solutions about any potential Landscaping or Garden Maintenance project, or if you have any questions or would just like to talk through some ideas, then don’t hesitate to get in touch for a friendly chat:

t. 07919 370886

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