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So, you have reached the point in your property development project where the design plans are drawn up and signed off. It’s time to move onto project planning and delivery. But, where do you start? How do you scope what you need? How do you manage everything, and everyone? How do you stay on budget? These are just some of the questions software and property developer Lawrence Rankin regularly gets asked, so we spoke with him to find out how his creation ‘NuVuw’ (the latest in home improvement software) can make a huge difference to end-to-end management of property development and renovation projects.

Focus on planning
Using the Interactive Gantt Chart, users can schedule activities/tasks into the calendar and to do list features, and invite co-workers, subcontractors, and other team players to easily communicate through Skype, email and in our online portal—an ideal solution for quick decision making and keeping all involved in the loop.

The Document Portal is, as it would suggest, built in to allow storage of all documentation relating to the project. Offering all involved in the project the most up-to-date point of reference, at a central cyber location, with all the latest specifications and plans. With full version control, you can keep abreast of the changes that are being made as the project progresses.

Next, collaborate with NuVuw’s community of trade professionals to source partners and their quotations. If you are a trade professional, you can benefit from receiving requests for new quotes through the platform with your own user profile, allowing you to showcase your work, which is then visible to potential clients looking for trade services in the local area.

This unique functionality brings all of the elements of property development design and project management together.
Lawrence Rankin, Founder, Nuvuw

360 degree view of all projects
As the project continues and time becomes of the essence, it can be a minefield to keep track of what is going on and when. This is where the Dashboard feature will help seriously reduce your stress levels; by providing an overview of single, or multiple projects in progress.  You can track key milestones and click onto each project to drill down to the finer detail, or look at your growing portfolio as a whole. Built into the dashboard is an alert and notification system, telling you when a job is nearing completion, becoming overdue, or creating red flags in other areas.

You have the ability to fully manage all of your team, as well as track progress, budget and spend. This unique functionality brings all of the elements of property development design and project management together.

About NuVuw
Born out of the trials and tribulations of a keen property developer, NuVuw is an all-encompassing design and management tool for property developers, managers, renovators, and tradespeople alike. Lawrence Rankin (founder, NuVuw) explains: “Using all the knowledge I had gleaned from my past experiences in property development I have built into NuVuw all the tools and technology required to remove the stress from property developments and renovations. Real solutions to everyday property development headaches that you can start benefiting from today.”

Find out more by visiting <>. It’s free to sign up, so take a look today and get your next (or indeed first) project set up.

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