How I came to be in the same room as Ella Fitzgerald

On my left the honey tones of Ella Fitzgerald fill my ears, the saxophone player accompanying her is directly in front of me and the sweep of a drum brush and clear cymbal tell me the drummer is to my right…then the rich tones of Louis Armstrong…a faint cough from behind me and I open my eyes to find I have not, as much as it may have felt like it, been transported to 1956 and the dimly lit Mocambo Club but I am instead sat in Meridian Audio’s R&D room, experiencing ‘fully immersive’ sound quality for myself.


Rather, it is the technology behind the two rather beautiful looking Digital Sound Processing 7200 Speakers, sitting on the stage in front of me, that have taken my listening experience to a whole new level.

As masters and pioneers of ‘High Res Audio’, Meridian’s range of flagship ‘DSP Speakers’ epitomise everything that is so very jaw dropping about their products. From Meridian Audio’s British heritage, to the outstanding build quality, engineering and testing of their products, akin only to a performance car. As Meridian Audio themselves articulate, you cannot fully appreciate Meridian until you experience their products for yourselves.

So what is it that makes ‘DSP Speakers’ so very special? Well they generate subtleties of musical detail that allows for ‘lifelike authentic sound’.

By avoiding additional high frequency sounds, the listener can sense the performers and the space they are in, bringing a sense of immersion like nothing experienced before.
The highly engineered cabinet ensures an inert casing, hand-fabricated from ‘Meridium’ and ‘…a high-pressure laminate of birch plywood and aluminium damped with mineral-filled epoxy resin.’, resulting in the eradication of ‘unwanted sounds’ that may interfere with your listening experience.

Furthermore each loudspeaker drive unit is powered by its own amplifier and each amplifier is individually controlled by a DSP crossover ensuring top and synergistic system performance. The bass system has six powerful drive units arranged in opposing pairs to help cancel vibration, providing the listener with clear and full-bodied bass.

Technical talk aside they are rather beautiful too, the option to adorn them in one of 270 select finishes/colours or bespoke cabinetry makes them, in my opinion almost sculptural in their form and finish. You could spend as many hours looking at them as you do listening to the wonderful sound they produce.



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by Rosie White, Marketing Director Aspire Audio

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