When is a Sale Price Not a Genuine Reduction?

It sounds like we need a punch line doesn’t it! Over the last few years large retail giants have been making a joke out of ‘sales’ in order to try and coerce the public into quick purchases.

We won’t name names here but we are sure you will agree that bums have not sat on a full price sofa for over half a decade now!

So when is a sale REALLY a sale?
We at Just Shutters have a once a year sale, it always starts a little before January just because those last few days of December are a great time to be reaching people with our seasonal offering. It lasts the whole of the month of January, we guarantee our sale prices until January 31st.

At Just Shutters we publish our prices all year round. We are incredibly transparent and never ‘add on’ what others may consider extras, such as installation and lifetime guarantees. Our price calculator on our website shows our published prices all year round.


Why can’t you run these prices all year?
There are two reasons we cannot run our sale prices all year. We, like many other businesses, get a small amount of supplier support at this time of year,
making the most of a supplier ‘January Sale’ deal helps us help our customers. Secondly, our margins do take a big hit at this time of year, we simply couldn’t sustain a profitable business and provide the quality, staff, training, lifetime guarantee support and all the other wonderful things that make us such a special company, if we were to always reduce our prices.

Do lower prices mean lower quality?
Absolutely not! Just Shutters business is built on reputation, recommendations and additional orders. We offer the industry’s longest possible guarantees for all our customers. We build relationships that last! Every single set of shutters is individually designed, installed and each customer nurtured and cared for by our family of shutter experts.


If you would like to see for yourself why we are not JUST another shutter company, while making the very most of our lowest possible prices, call now on 01202 240769 or visit

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