ODC Door & Glass: Clarity in Design

Look at any modern home, whether constructed in the 50’s or last week, and glass will make-up a considerable proportion of its structure. Glass is arguably one of the most timeless materials in an architect’s toolkit and the team at ODC Door & Glass has dedicated their time to perfecting its use. We met with Managing Director Tim Hedges, who gave us an in-depth insight into the business…

From London to Poole
The ODC legacy began with its base in the West of London. Having worked in the construction industry for his entire career, Tim saw an opportunity to bring a better-quality aluminium glazing product to the industry. ODC has designed stunning glass systems and structures for clients in London and the home counties for many years, all from their base in the city, but it was in 2016, spotting a gap in the local market, that the ODC team decided to set-up its own manufacturing facility and its recently completed showroom, right here in Dorset – Poole to be more specific. 

Only The Best
ODC has always prided itself on supplying and constructing premium quality products, but this wasn’t enough. Being the perfectionists that they are, ODC wanted to ensure that every aspect, was made to their exacting high-standards. So they took control of the supply chain by manufacturing all of their aluminium glazing systems products in their workshop in Poole. Now that we have visited their showroom, we understand why they refer to their products as “bespoke architectural glazing solutions”.


High-profile Projects
When I asked Tim about some of their previous projects he was incredibly modest and discreet, especially when I learnt of their work for some pretty high-profile clients, including Coca-Cola, for whom they designed and built two roof-top winter gardens, for their new headquarters on Wimpole Street. Not forgetting the Walkie-Talkie building (20 Fenchurch St), where they installed a twelve-panel horizontally sliding wall into its opening facade. But despite these grand ventures, Tim and his team thrive equally from the smaller, residential projects, where they are able to add value both financially and emotionally to
individual homes.

Made To Order
We are part of a more inquisitive era of consumption. We aren’t interested in brashness and bold statements, but rather more about the origin and make-up of the things we buy, which is why I believe that having the option of walking around ODC’s manufacturing facility and showroom, is an incredibly valuable experience. Investing in a quality product is just as much about the experience as the commodity itself. ODC happily open their doors to all of their clients (and nosey journalists), offering the opportunity to see exactly where and how their new installation is being made. It’s something I certainly took for granted, but walking around looking at the materials and how it all comes together was both inspiring and eye opening.

Adding Value To Your Home
When scanning their portfolio of projects it’s evident just how stunning their work really is, but it’s not all about appearance. Adding architectural glazing to your property can add some serious value to the price of your home. The figures vary depending on several factors, but wherever you add space to your property, you are adding worth. A tailor-made ODC solution is the perfect way to modernise and add character to any home and with a talented team of designers behind them, you can rest assure that your dreams will well and truly be brought to life.



We implore anyone considering an extension or any kind of large renovation, to visit ODC’s showroom in Poole and talk more about the exciting possibilities for your home.

a. Sterte Road Industrial Estate, 145 Sterte Road, Poole, Dorset BH15 2AF
t. 01202 023020
e. sales@odcglass.co.uk
w. www.odcglass.co.uk

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