BMW iX2 – beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The original BMW X2’s rather low-slung driving position didn’t really mark it out as an SUV, yet it wasn’t exactly a coupe either. With the latest X2 this arguably problematic identity crisis has been resolved as the new version’s rakish rear roof line make for an undeniable SUV-Coupe. Think of a more diminutive X4 and X6. In its new guise with a choice of petrol, mild hybrid and full electric power, all automotive bases are covered. In iX, all-electric guise, it’s an obvious competitor for the Polestar 2, while in petrol mode Audi’s Q3 and others are likely rivals.

The range encompasses four models, two electric and two petrol, with prices starting from £40,515. As with all BMWs there’s a feeling of driving something premium, a little bit special and even at these prices there are alternatives that don’t possess that ambience. Standard fare includes LED headlights and rear lights, auto tailgate, auto air dual zone conditioning, heated front sports seats, cruise control with brake function, parking assistant and automatic transmission.

The lead-in engine is a 1.5-litre, 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol with mild hybrid assistance developing 167hp. There’s also a 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with an impressive 295hp and all-wheel-drive. In electric power there’s the single motor eDrive20 with 204hp and the dual motor xDrive30 with 225kw/306hp and all-wheel-drive with ranges of 283 miles and 267 miles respectively.

On the road the iX2 offers the promise of a decent range, however as with all statistics conditions such as the type of driving and the weather can all affect the ultimate range. In most cases, according to BMW’s research, EV customers largely charge their cars at home so ultimate range may not be an issue that often. It doesn’t change the fact though that when you need to undertake a long journey the public charging network, while marginally better, still needs major improvement.

Back to the BMW! The good news continues as the iX2 is noticeably lacking in road and wind noise, not always a given with EVs. The ride quality, as you might expect from BMW, is suitably tight and more than capable of being hustled along twisting cross country roads with aplomb.

At the forefront of bold design BMW realise that some may not take to the iX2’s styling, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I can see more than a few drivers falling for the iX2.

Words by Mark Slack

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