Terraclean Diesel Fuel based service

Read on to find out the truth behind this fantastic service that I’ve been offering for over 6 years now.

Diesel engines will unfortunately build up carbon deposits in combustion chambers, exhaust ports, turbos and catalytic converters as a result of lower combustion temperatures.

For carbon to burn, a combustion temperature in excess of 550 deg C has to be achieved. Modern Diesel engines are fitted with Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems (EGR), which reduces the combustion temperature to around 350 deg C. This reduced temperature lowers the amount of emitted Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) from the vehicles exhaust into the atmosphere.  Although good for air quality, it is not so good for the inside of your engine.

The Terraclean diesel process starts by isolating the vehicles fuel system, the TerraClean machine is then connected to the engines fuel lines and the engine is run on the highly refined fuel contained within the Terraclean machine. This fuel is rich in additives, it cleans both pre and post combustion, a quality unique to Terraclean.

This process removes gums, varnishes and carbon deposits from the injectors, improving injector response times, reducing knock and restores spray patterns, resulting in improved atomisation, a cleaner burn and lower Hydrocarbons.  Once the fuel has burnt, additives that have turned into gases, oxygenate the combustion chambers, turbo, cat and DPF, reacting with the carbon deposits within them causing an exothermic reaction turning carbon into carbon dioxide. Thereafter, they exit the exhaust as carbon dioxide and water.

The end result is improved engine efficiency, leading to improvements in performance, mpg and emissions.

I hope this explanation helps and you choose to have your car TerraCleaned.

Prices start from only £110 for a standard fuel service and we have availability this week at either your home or workplace.

T. 07850 400 826
E. neilhansler@aol.com


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