Sweet dreams are made of this…

Make your bedroom ooze splendour with an oversized headboard and opulent metallic finishes.

We asked our interior designer the most common questions we get asked to give you some tips to make this look cohesive look for your home.

How can I create this look with just a few pieces?
Start with your headboard, no matter the size of your room or what your storage needs are, you will always make the biggest impact with your headboard. You can then add the other pieces based on what your requirements are.

The great thing about this bedroom range is it is fully customisable-the colours, textures and fabrics can all be chosen to match any existing pieces or your paint choice, so it can be made to suit any room!

So what are the key colour trends coming up for bedrooms?
Earthy tones are making a big comeback, take a look at Farrow and Balls new collaboration with the natural history museum- offset a beautifully rich colour such as ‘Broccoli Brown’ with ‘ Snow White’ and you have got yourself a well balanced canvas that will bounce light around.

What sort of finishing touches should I use?
Make your diamonds shine by proudly displaying your crown jewels on top of your drawers in the glass cabinets. Then pick up on accent colours with your accessories such as lamps and vases, but keep them minimal. They are not to take away from the main design of the room as this will make it look cluttered.

I can’t decide what I want, I don’t know if this will work or I just don’t have time to plan this!
There’s no need to panic! We have interior designers who can guide you through the selection process, or come to you to give suggestions. We will then draw up plans for you and give you a photorealistic CAD drawing so you can get a clear idea of what it will look like.

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