My Mosaic: creating unique spaces with bespoke pieces of art

Starting from the concept of limitless creativity of digital photography, My Mosaic explores the magic of mosaic with a new technological approach.

From digital image to mosaic
My Mosaic is an innovative and ground breaking product for the decoration of  interiors, outdoor spaces and pools. We can transform any digital image available into totally customisable mosaics to create the most breathtaking effects on walls as well as on furniture.

Thanks to the use of a patented self-extinguishing nano-polymer we can provide depth and geometry to a printed image.

Choose the picture
The image on the mosaic can have any dimension, allowing coverage from smaller spaces to huge surface areas. Designers can use their own images, choose from digital libraries, or we can create a bespoke design to produce on My Mosaic tiles.

Choose the shape
My Mosaic is available on regular to irregular or unique geometries. Through the multiple forms and applications of My Mosaic, creativity can flow without constraints, transforming digital images into unique and durable works of art.

For further information or to discuss how we can help you to create a unique space please get in touch with us today.

Tel. Miguel Issa 07864 030011
Location. Poole, Dorset

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