Brighten up your bathroom with Plantation Shutters

We speak to Chris Rocker, Founder of Just Shutters, who gives us his guide to beautiful shutters. 

Plantation shutters not only add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, they offer a whole host of other benefits whether you enjoy an invigorating morning shower or submerging in a relaxing bedtime bath, including total control over the level of ambience in your bathroom and an added sense of security for your home.

Why Choose Shutters for your Bathroom?
Plantation shutters are an investment for your bathroom that you can expect to last for years to
come, suitable for modern and traditional style bathrooms. Traditional coverings such as nets and curtains can absorb moisture and lead to the build up of damp and mould whereas plantation shutters do not which is why they are ideal.

Our extensive collection of plantation shutters are made of the highest quality materials including a selection made from PermaWood a synthetic (ABS), a waterproof construction ideal for the bathroom due to its humidity resistant properties.  Other benefits of plantation shutters are that they can be easily cleaned and require very little maintenance, also hard wearing with the fantastic ability to retain heat during the winter and help to keep heat out during the summer. It would be easy to assume that with all these benefits, plantation shutters would come with a hefty price tag, when in fact they cost less than you might think.

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