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This month we’re giving focus to an up and coming company that has created a new and revolutionary way of making nutritional meals for dogs. This is a must read for any pet owner who longs to feed their dog meals that are nutritious, offer potential health benefits and the ability to change and adapt meals for even the fussiest of dogs.

Cerberus Organic Dog Food is a company that was born out of passion after James Mabey and his sister, Debbie Pritchett, who have had dogs all their lives, experienced yet another heart wrenching loss with the passing of their much loved family dog, just as their dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  This was the turning point for James and Debbie and with black Labrador puppy Teos joining the family as a companion for their mum, they were determined to gain the knowledge to help look after their future dogs, to keep them as healthy as they possibly could.

Speaking with other fellow dog owners, James and Debbie were continually asked for their help and soon realised that a major factor would be to change the dogs’ diets. They were both aware of the benefits that healthy eating can offer and how it can combat against diseases and ailments for humans, so why not for dogs too?

The first step was to make a huge investment into animal nutrition and bring on-board qualified animal nutritionists. James picks up the story to explain, “We wanted to avoid mass market production and in order to do this, we needed to create options based on nutritional research and algorithms to cover over 500 breeds of dog, to include their personalities, behaviour and health issues.”

“The analysis took a long time and, as we dug deeper into the complexities of each breed, the research was continuous, increasing and developing our nutritional knowledge. The results have been amazing and have enabled us to provide an individualised offering to our fellow dog lovers that considers different aspects from the discomfort caused by allergies or age, to food dislikes.”

Debbie explains that, in reflection, this was the easy part.  “The next step was to create and trial our recipes, initially developed in our Dorset based kitchen. We decided on the sous vide method of cooking because we recognised the importance of keeping the highest number of vitamins and minerals within each ingredient. Our ingredients are also organic, as numerous studies have shown evidence of organic ingredients reducing the risk of certain diseases, allergies and cancers due to having lower pesticide residue levels. This has led us to receive an accreditation from the Soil Association as their only organically approved dog food company in the UK, which we are
incredibly proud of.”

Cerberus Dog Food has developed greatly since those early days. James adds, “We now offer a system whereby we take the information you provide us about your dog’s breed and health, and we correlate this against our research.  We then create a diet for your dog, which is signed-off by our animal nutritional team.

“The final stage is where you select your own choice of ingredients from our extensive range of categories; proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, oils, specialist, with all diets guided by our nutritional algorithm.“

Cerberus Organic Dog Food would like to extend a huge welcome to anyone who would like to find out more about our unique, organic, nutritionally enhanced meals or simply wish to discuss their dog’s diet, your pets are our passion, and we’d love to hear from you.     

Tel. 07393 432723
Email. info@cerberusdogfood.com
Adddress. 3 Vista Place, Ingworth Road, Poole, BH12 1JY


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