My staff’s favourite word… “Event”

I’ll start with an apology for the current unsettled weather patterns we seem to be experiencing. Every year as soon as I utter the word “Event” it usually transpires that the clouds appear & heavens open for the foreseeable future, this year being no different!

The second thing that usually happens as soon as I say the word “Event” is that my Ops Director quietly reminds me of that time, our entire 150 seater alfresco restaurant & bar was battered by freak hurricane-like storms and giant swells to the point where we had to re-build the entire thing in 24 hours & she had to cling to a marquee pole for dear life for majority of the charade; which is usually followed by a comment about my being “mad” to even consider running such a thing again…

Taking on board such trusty advice, as always, here we are on the brink of events season and boy have Zim Braai got a line up for you this summer!

With our handcrafted Braai having just this minute been delivered, thoughts have turned all things outdoors as we gear up for our appearance at the infamous Sandpolo and Sandfest 2019 as well as our collaboration with Dorset Cruises for the very first, after  hours  soiree  on  Brownsea  Island.

If you ever want to make a Braai Chef happy – send him to the beach. I’ve never seen a team so animated to get out into the open, but then it was to be expected from the SA crew! We can also see how well they fair on grass at Grooves on the Green…

Think Bunny Chows and Boere-Rolls & Broodjies in the sunshine with the aroma of wood fired grill meandering its way across the sand – What could be better?

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