The Art of Politeness

Mulling over what to say next, it was brought to my attention, by my somewhat flabbergasted GM, that he had just taken a telephone call from an unruly customer who had found fault with his experience prior to even having set foot through the door (namely our opening times!)

This sparked a thought (More than one to be precise, but this is the more tranquil of the two) …

The 24/7 slog of an employee of the Hospitality world is a “life carnivorous” rollercoaster of crisis management, tight margins, business demands dusk til dawn and what we in the industry like to call “AFD’s” – (I won’t elaborate on the acronym) but it’s a recipe for stress to say the very least. Hospitality remains an industry in which there is little regulation surrounding the working climate and the consideration of the all-day/every-day nature of the Food and Beverage world, heightened more so in a digital age. This is something which is slowly improving, with more emphasis being pumped into the mental well-being of the nation on the  whole, things are beginning to change.

Whilst the bulk of the responsibility lays in the hands of the employer and we as restauranteurs, hoteliers and operators continue to strive to introduce a fair, balanced and socially acceptable work pattern as well as real career prospects, for those crazy enough to enjoy this turbulent lifestyle! There remains room for some consideration from the consumer; pre-tyrannous Tripadvisor Review or scathing remark at your waiter or bartender, take a second; just a momentary pause to consider whether your “ill” could be solved via good old fashioned, polite conversation?

For those of you who haven’t met me, I’m a traditionalist and it’s something which I feel needs a resurgence in the industry. I also like to talk – hence the column.

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