Tis the Season for Braai

Kicking back in Zim last week, for the first time our trusty front door heater was off and thoughts were turned to the prospect of Summer.

Having decided to open a Braai concept in the depths of winter, some may consider that a bizarre choice to say the least, but timing-wise with Southern African cuisine being on the cusp of breaking into the UK market, depths of winter or not, the move had to be made.

Braai – for those who don’t know – simply means BBQ or grill, infamously an outdoor affair for the Southern African contingency who can rely on some serious vitamin D to accompany their dining experience, but for Zim (and it’s less reliable companion of the good old Blighty climate) it is a concept which paves the way for that, ultimate social dining experience – what is more memorable than a good old garden gathering with Dad at the helm, tongs in hand…Now just imagine if this wasn’t weather dependant!

My Southern African inferno has been warming the hearts of it’s Ashley Cross clientele thus far, and they’ve travelled from all over to try us out. I can’t wait for the Braai to come into it’s own and what better place for this to come to life than in “The Cross” – a pocket of suburbia with an array of independent eateries and just a stone’s throw from the golden sands of the Sandbanks peninsula – the flip flops are “officially on” and the summer beckons.

T. 01202 068010
A. 99 Commercial Rd, Poole, BH14 0JD
W. www.zim-braai.co.uk

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