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In last month’s issue we introduced to you, Tracey Beesley, a Lifestyle Consultant and professional declutterer.

Tracey is passionate about decluttering and keeping ‘order’ in your home.  Tracey says “I truly believe Home is where the heart is and if your home does not reflect you, it will spiral out to other areas of your life.”  Although decluttering, courtesy of Marie Kondo, has now become very popular with some charity shops receiving in more goods than ever, Tracey says it goes deeper than a ‘fashionable phase’.  “I’ve been decluttering since I was a young girl and it has always brought calm into my life, in any situation.  In fact, even as a declutterer for others, I often declutter myself whenever I feel I need to change the energy of my life direction.”

Tracey set up her business, The Lifestyle Concept (Tender Loving Care), in 2017 for very personal reasons. “Having just separated from my husband, I was in overwhelm and one of the best things to help you heal, is to help others. Since I moved down here in 2014 I have thrown myself into the area and my community, including painting a few bollards in Highcliffe.  I love community work and as I threw myself into village life, I came to realise that decluttering was something I could do easily to help others and, in fact, have done since, well… forever. 

“All my life I have made my home my calm space, my place of refuge and somewhere I can think and pull my thoughts together.  We all need that as we travel through this life of ours. It has worked marvellously for me.  I’m a firm believer in making your home work for you; either in the way it looks but also how it feels and even how it smells. It’s all about your home reflecting you and your core values.

“I’m a big fan of candles, beautiful lighting and flowers. In other words anything that makes you feel uplifted and happy.  Just recently, on one of my decluttering sprees in my own home, I decided to rearrange my food cupboards. I found myself often not able to find urgent things, like oxo cubes.  So basically, I cleared the cupboard, cleaned the same and then started re-arranging everything and most importantly, labelling everything.  Now I can simply go to my cupboard and everything is at my finger tips and easy to find.  Even the clothing in my wardrobe is in colour order. I tend to put shirts together by colour and the same for dresses, jackets, trousers etc.  I feel organised now. Whenever I go to my wardrobe, my clothes look appealing and everything I want to wear is there. I do not keep anything that makes me feel anything less than fabulous. If something feels wrong every time I go to wear it, it goes straight to the charity shop.  I do not hesitate.  We all change over time and sometimes something I thought looked wow a year ago suddenly feels yuck! 

“Decluttering takes patience and I’m empathetic to the needs of my client. For one person, who is ready to move on, we can work swiftly through a project but for others, a project like this may be harder. I have packages to suit all budgets and time-constraints. One of my clients, an elderly lady, had to downsize from a four bedroomed property to a one bedroomed flat. The house was full of fifty years of memories so we carefully went through and sorted through things in a calm manner. I loved picking out some of the best photographs and getting them framed for her. I’m a great believer of the energy that is all around us.  If you have a house that is full, there is no room for the ‘new’ so it’s important to create a happy home environment. You will be surprised how other parts of your life will fall into place, as if by magic.

If you have recently come out of a long-term relationship I know how painful and stressful this situation can be.  Decluttering and ‘letting go’ helped me move forward in a positive manner.  I even noticed just recently that I had way more female icons dotted around my house than I needed.  In truth, it made me smile. I had gathered together my ‘tribe’ and was saying to myself and others “I’m okay”. Needless to say, all imagery has now gone, and I even got the walls painted a strong colour. This change of energy actually created a whirl of activity around my business, so it does show that making positive changes in your home, can have a knock on affect into other areas of your life. In a recent article, a London Decluttering expert said that, in her experience, if you feminized your home or even masculinised it, you were sending off the wrong messages about attracting new love into your life. After all, we all need love, it’s what makes the world go around.

Does your home reflect the real you? Do you need help to create the home of your dreams and free yourself from the clutter that could possibly be overwhelming you?  Why not give me a call (a free one hour consultation is available on request) and see how we gel. It would be my pleasure to help you live the best life you can.

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